• "This letter is about a gift of life given to my family by the doctors (private and government), nurses at the Rand (Memorial Hospital) ICU and the remarkable Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Freeport (Grand Bahama).

    Over the years, people have been heard to say, "don't get sick in Freeport", "medical care in Freeport is non-existent".  For the most part, this is from foreigners, ex-pats and, yes, sometimes Bahamians.

    "I am alive because of the care I received in Freeport.  The people truly watched, listened, protected and did what they are trained to do.  I will never be concerned about becoming ill here."
    Helen K.
  • "I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and commend (doctor) for the excellent work which she is doing at the West End Community Clinic. Too often today, we are more inclined to focus on the negative things that go on around us but I believe it is more important to highlight the good deeds of those who serve us so that they can know they are cherished and appreciated. (the doctor) is one such person.

    She is a kind, personable doctor, unlike any that I have had the opportunity to have attended to me over the past 20 years at this clinic. (She) is genuinely concerned about her patients, so much so that she is able to identify many, if not all of her patients, by name whenever and wherever she sees them. She remembers your complaint and always encourages you to follow your prescribed treatment. Her love and concern for her patients motivates you to want to do the right thing so that your health can improve. For those who are afraid of the doctor, I am sure she makes them feel comfortable. For me, it is a pleasure to attend the clinic because I know I will get the best care possible. (She) is certainly a doctor who demonstrates all of the qualities of an excellent healthcare provider. I express the sentiments of may persons in the community who I have spoken to, when I say that we are truly grateful for her appreciate her immensely."
    Navidia M.
  • "I visited the Eight Mile Rock Clinic to have my blood pressure and sugar checked. I was informed by the nurse that all was very high. I was then recommended to (the doctor) for further attention concerning my condition.

    (The doctor) instructed me to have blood work done and started treatment on me right away. I had to visit him every week, after taking the recommended medications given to me by him. I improved 100%. I felt better than I had in a long time. I do admire the good Doctor’s attitude towards his patients, and the determination in medical assistance.

    Most doctors just do their job that they are paid to do but those who go beyond the call of duty should be rewarded in some way. So I am addressing you about my medical improvement since my visit at the Eight Mile Rock Clinic and (the doctor) as my physician.

    My experience is one long to be remembered because of how bad my condition was. With the attention I got, I now have a different outlook and would highly recommend some kind of reward for the above and beyond service rendered by the nurses, clerks, and (the doctor). When you have doctors like (the doctor) who are devoted to medical practice, the Ministry (of Health) (Public Hospitals Authority) must award the doctors for such excellent service rendered."
    Valerie T.