To be a premier psychiatric facility that promotes mental health through early intervention, treatment and education for the people of the Northern Bahamas.


To provide quality mental healthcare to all persons experiencing mental and emotional illnesses.


Given our mission, we are committed to the following guiding principles:

  1. Advocating for parity and inclusion of mental healthcare.
  2. Treating all persons with dignity and respect.
  3. Involving patients and families in decisions and planning in regards to treatment and care.
  4. Collaborating with allied and community partners for successful patient outcomes.
  5. Providing patients access to information about mental illness and treatment options.
  6. Providing treatment in a timely manner, so that the right care is available in the right time and allows for the best opportunity for recovery.
  7. Providing care by qualified and clinically competent staff.
  8. Constructing effective plans of care that result from a comprehensive evaluation of what the patient is experiencing, and utilizes all available treatment options.

Scope of Service

The H. Diah Ward is an in-patient psychiatric facility with a capacity of 12 beds, six females and 6 males.  There is also a seclusion room for acutely ill or for patients who are unable to be managed on the open ward, a conference room where patient and family conferences are held, and a multi-purpose room used for meals, recreation, accommodating guests and visitors, as well as other activities.

The Unit caters to clients from the islands of Grand Bahama, Bimini, Abaco and the nearby cays.  All clients are admitted via the Accident/Emergency & Urgent Care Centre, one of the psychiatric out-patient clinics or through internal transfer from other units within the hospital.  Patients are referred from Social Services, School Health, Private Doctors, the Courts and other disciplines within the Grand Bahama Health Services.

Patients requiring long-term hospitalization or treatment for substance abuse are transferred to Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, Nassau, Bahamas.