Operational Hours
Monday – Friday:  8:00 a.m. – 12:00 midnight
12:00 midnight – 8:00 a.m.:  Technician on-call
Weekends & Holidays:  Open for emergency cases only.

Application, removal and maintenance of various types of splints, casts and braces.

Service Areas
Treat clients who are referred from doctors in the Accident/Emergency & Urgent Care Centre and the Orthopaedic Clinic.  Clients who need services from other doctors outside of the hospital should bring documentation stating the patient’s name, task to be carried out and x-rays where needed, and any other information that is relevant in the treatment of a client.

System of Service
Clients visiting from the clinics are usually treated on a first come first served basis.  However clients visiting from the Accident/Emergency & Urgent Care Centre will be treated based on priority.

Other Information
Clients who are in cast and may be experiencing severe pain and swelling and/or numbness should contact or return to the Accident/Emergency & Urgent Care Centre as soon as possible.

Clients who are in cast and may have gotten their cast wet, damaged and/or needing some other assistance, should return to or contact the Orthopaedic Department at (242) 350-6700, Ext. 2166.

Persons needing information about their appointment should contact the Out Patients Department at (242) 350-6700, Ext. 2130