Health Social Services


To provide comprehensive, physical, psychological, and social health care for the recovery and rehabilitation of clients and their families through education, intervention, advocacy and networking towards self-determination and actualization.


  • Restore dignity, good physical and mental health, feelings of control and autonomous functioning to individuals and families
  • To advocate for the rights and concerns of clients
  • To serve as a link between the hospital and the community and to help patients and families develop knowledge about their illness and access existing resources in the community


Out of commitment comes development


Health Social Services is an integral part of the health care team with services provided to individuals and families, to special population groups and to the community as a whole so as to provide comprehensive continuity of care.

Health Social Services encompasses:

  • Promotion and maintenance of physical and psychological well being
  • Promotion of the conditions necessary to maximize the benefits from short and long term care
  • Prevention of physical or mental illness
  • Promotion and enhancement of physical and psychological functioning with particular attention to social and emotional impact of illness and/or disability
  • Assessment of all clients seeking medical/psychiatric services in accordance with the Ministry of Health/Public Hospitals Authority policy of safeguarding the health of its entire people which is affordable to all, and serving those individuals who are unable to pay


  • Psychosocial assessments and Treatment Plans
  • Counselling

Group:  Substance Abuse, Adolescent Diabetic Support, HIV/AIDS Group Support, Anger
Management Group and Psychiatric Support Group
Crisis Intervention: the Crisis HOTLINE, 352-4357 is stationed in this

  • Domicile (home) investigations
  • Interdisciplinary case consultation
  • Referral and collaboration with other community agencies
  • Discharge Planning and follow-up cases
  • Means Assessments – persons seeking medical assistance
  • Patient, family and community education
  • Case finding
  • On-call assistance to Accident/Emergency & Urgent Care Centre and all hospital wards
  • Employee Assistance Programme


  • Persons experiencing emotional distress, family or marital problems or problems coping with stressful life situations
  • Persons in need of additional community resources, i.e. financial assistance, etc.
  • Patient and/or families having difficulty understanding disease and treatment
  • Patient and/or families having difficulty adjusting to disease symptomatology
  • Persons who are victims of rape, sexual harassment, physical and/or emotional violence or witnesses to these


Referrals to Health Social Services come from Healthcare Practitioners, Clinics, Courts, Family Island Social Workers, and residential facilities, family members, schools and other Social Work Agencies.