Emergency Medical Services


“Eximius Populus…Eximius Muneris” or Extraordinary People for an Extraordinary Service”, is how the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel describe their mission within the Grand Bahama Health Services as the solitary providers of professional pre-hospital emergency medical care within the Northern Region of the Bahamas daily on a 24 hour basis.

Emergency Medical ServicesPurpose/Service

EMS serves a geographical region of approximately 140,000 square miles with an island population of 70,000 persons.

This mandate under the Public Hospital’s Authority is undertaken by a team of highly trained technicians ranging from Emergency Medical Technicians to Paramedics who respond to a wide variety of injuries and medical conditions, while providing supportive pre-hospital care and safe transportation to a consolidated medical facility.  Additionally, the service is extended to an integrated, advanced, computer-aided dispatch system staffed by Emergency Medical Service Dispatchers. This linkage to the Royal Bahamas Police Force Communications Centre will undoubtedly lead to improvements in response coordination and timing.

The EMS providers who are perhaps the most visible part of the healthcare system continue to take seriously its commitment not only to provide superior emergency care, but also to give back to its community. They undertake community service projects such as informational school visitations, food and clothing drives, the “Vial of Life Project” and celebrate in a grand way Emergency Medical Services Week that highlights rescue community awareness along with strategic community partners.

Our team of pre-hospital personnel who prefer to meet you at one of our community related projects enjoy sharing information that will keep you safe or instruct you in what to do in case of emergencies. However, in critical situations they are required to demonstrate leadership, well-developed human relation skills, rapid decision making, and a high degree of empathy for both the patients and their families. “To us it is not just a job but a calling.”

Emergency telephone contact number is 911.