Using the Team Approach to management, we have been able to fulfil our  department’s mission which is to provide high quality meals to our patients, staff and external customers; meals that are safe, nutritionally balanced, and of the highest aesthetic quality at an allocated, budgeted cost.

In addition, we provide medical nutrition therapy to the wider community via seminars, workshops, print and electronic media.

The Head of Department along with the management team organize, monitor and evaluate the daily operation of the department as well as its resources. The team designs and implements policies and procedures to ensure the delivery of quality customer service to the internal and external customers. Our external and internal customers have verbalized their appreciation of the good work that we do on a daily basis.

Maintaining a proper database is one of our strong points which is key to making informed decisions.


  • The provision of meals for in-patients.
  • Provision of meals for staff and external customers
  • New and emerging catering services
  • Dietary Consultation in-house and for community clinics

The services offered by the Food Service Department in all of the above mentioned areas are of exceptional quality. We are most proud of our record of providing meals that are safe for patients, staff and for public consumption. We are pleased to report that there were no reports of food borne illness outbreaks among our patients or external patrons of the cafeteria over the many years we have been operating. Our efforts to provide a safe food supply has further been enhanced with the installation of all Stainless Steel work stations and equipment and the removal of all wooden fixtures which encourages the proliferation of pests. 

Operational Hours

The cafeteria operates on weekdays, offering breakfast and lunch only and is closed on weekends and holidays.