New Hospital Administrator at The Princess Margaret Hospital

13 May


The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) today announced the appointment of Ms. Mary Walker to the position of Hospital Administrator at the Princess Margaret Hospital with effect from 13th, May 2013.

Managing Director at the Public Hospitals Authority, Mr. Herbert Brown said Ms. Walker’s extensive experience and background as a nurse and patient safety and risk manager, as well as her broader management training will be an important addition to the Senior Executive Management Team of the Princess Margaret Hospital. “Her appointment comes at a time when PMH embarks on a new period of growth and development, in tandem with the PHA and Government’s mandate to improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and the provision of safe patient care,” said Brown.

The Administrator will be mandated to develop a short, medium and long term plan in collaboration with colleagues throughout the Princess Margaret Hospital and most importantly, secure input from the community to accelerate the highest level of clinical improvement while bringing a newer and more effective and efficient approach to those services we give.

Ms. Walker’s years of service in health care spans more than thirty (30) years, with fifteen (15) years in a managerial capacity at various levels. Additionally she has served as Staff Nurse, Nursing Officer, Infection Control, Assistant Manager, and Environmental Safety Manager, until she was appointed to her new position of Hospital Administrator. Ms. Walker also worked in the employ of Creswell Maternity Hospital in Scotland (UK), and at Doctors Hospital here in New Providence.

“In extending our support to Ms. Walker, we also wish to applaud and express our profound gratitude to Acting Hospital Administrator, Ms. Dorothy Hepburn who served following the departure of Mrs. Coralee Adderley former Chief Hospital Administrator. The Board of the Authority is also appreciative of the Executive Management Team and the entire Staff of the Princess Margaret Hospital for their dedication, efficiency and commitment during this transition period,” said the PHA Managing Director.



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