Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services Department
Volunteer services can be provided at the Rand Memorial Hospital and the Community Clinics in the following areas:

  • Help Desk (reception)
  • Wards (escort service, courier service, grooming patients)
  • Administration (clerical support, Gift Shop sales)
  • Community Clinics (clerical support, escort service, courier service)
  • Reading programme
  • General reception
  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance
  • Carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, painting
  • Air-conditioning
  • Sewing

Adult Volunteers

The “Busy Bee” Adult Volunteer Services Programme works cooperatively with the Grand Bahama Health Services staff.  The programme offers select orientation, training and continuing education to guarantee knowledgeable, efficient volunteers who will then be equipped to assist the Staff in meeting the Grand Bahama Health Services’ commitment to provide quality healthcare.

To excel in the provision of supportive services to healthcare providers at the Grand Bahama Health Services and to become the regional leaders for all healthcare facilities in the provision of these services.

To maintain a support system for the provision of quality healthcare services in accordance with the policies of the Grand Bahama Health Services, promoting an atmosphere sensitive to the needs of our customers and the community.


  • We believe that our Volunteers are an integral part of our efforts to provide quality healthcare.
  • We strive to enhance the image of the Grand Bahama Health Services through professional behaviour and community involvement.
  • We will continuously train, monitor and evaluate our Volunteers to improve our services.
  • We encourage our Volunteers to reach individual professional and personal goals.

Aspects of the Adult Volunteer Programme include:

  • Upon application, all adult volunteers must also present a Health Certificate from a Medical Doctor with the Grand Bahama Health Services verifying that they are free from contagious disease and able to perform the service.  In addition, they must produce their Driver’s License and/or Passport and a Police Record.
  • General orientation – an overview of the Hospital is provided for each new volunteer.
  • Department specific orientation – a departmental orientation is provided to have the volunteer fulfil his/her responsibilities safely and efficiently.
  • Service guidelines have been developed for the specific area programme to which the volunteer is assigned.
  • Volunteers will be monitored and evaluated to determine how performance standards are being met.                

Incentives:  Benefits and awards will be given to volunteers in appreciation for the services provided and their professionalism in providing them.

The Volunteer Services Department joins its counterparts around the world in observation of Volunteer Recognition Week during the third week in April of each year.  The observance is to inspire, recognize and encourage people to become engaged in volunteer services in healthcare, specifically at the Grand Bahama Health Services.  It is about fulfilling a desire to show compassion and care and answer the call to minister to the needs of those that are sick and ill or facilitate other needs of the healthcare institution.

Student Volunteers Programme

The Student Volunteers “Buzzer Bees” is the Youth Arm of the Adult Volunteers, “Busy Bee”

The Student Volunteer Programme is designed for senior high school students (Grades 11 & 12), Continuing Education and College level students who have expressed a desire to gain exposure to various healthcare professions.  These individuals are invited to complete their community service hours and/or work experience or graduation requirements while providing volunteer service to the Grand Bahama Health Services.

Students from all Grand Bahama schools (public and private) are welcome.  The numbers allowed from each school and areas of deployment will be approved at the discretion of the Volunteer Services Department.

Students applying must be interested in a career specifically related to healthcare.

They must also present a Health Certificate from a Medical Doctor with the Grand Bahama Health Services verifying that they are free from contagious disease and able to perform the service.  In addition, they must produce their National Insurance Card.

An efficient and effective Student Volunteer Programme where students with keen interests in professional health careers gain exposure, training, rewarding and beneficial experiences, and are ultimately determined to further pursue their professional goals.

To maintain and sustain an effective sustainable feeder system of potential candidates for professional careers in healthcare within the Grand Bahama Health Services.


  • Equity, Dignity and Respect
  • Care and Compassion
  • Confidentiality
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Discipline
  • Education and Training

To expose, train and equip future professional healthcare workers for Grand Bahama Health Services.

“Buzzing with excitement, preparing for rewarding careers.”