Featured Employee

Delores Frazier-Williams, Chief Clerk
Business Office

The story of one long-serving employee’s time with the Grand Bahama Health Services is still being written – even as she clocks in after more than forty (43) years of service, Delores Frazier-Williams is still loyal and dedicated.

Ms. Frazier-Williams, now Chief Clerk in the Business Office, started at the privately owned Grand Bahama Clinic on August 22, 1968.  Mrs. Vernita Humphreys was the Administrator and Mr. Simons was the Assistant Administrator during that period.  While vacationing for a short period in Freeport, she had heard about a vacancy at the Grand Bahama Clinic and got the job as a Telephonist.

In January 1971 when The Bahamas Government acquired the privately owned clinic and renamed it Rand Memorial Hospital after its previous owner, Ms. Frazier-Williams continued to serve.  Over the years she worked in other departments such as Materials Management, Switchboard, Accident & Emergency Department as Acting Supervisor for 15 years, Housekeeping as Secretary then Supervisor and also Acting Housekeeper for 5 years (2000-2005), and Business Office where she is presently deployed and spent most of her employment.

In order to excel in her career and obtain some compensation financially, she pursued higher a education throughout the years receiving various certificates at the Bahamas Vocational & Technical Institution and College of the Bahamas, which included Office Procedures Management, HM110 Housekeeping Operations and Office Systems Administration.

Of course there were some challenges that might have de-motivated her spirit and will to perform, she found comfort in a Biblical passage that said, “preserved and not overlooked”.  Now at the age of 62, Ms. Frazier-Williams said that “the roadblock and the ladder to success have been slow.  People think that working for the same institution for so long could be a bit boring and difficult, but I’ve worked to the best of my ability in many departments over the last 43 years and that time has flown by.   I’ve met some wonderful and not-so wonderful people along the way”.

“It was difficult to share my thoughts at times, but at the end of the day, I give God the glory.  I was glad that He afforded me the opportunity to see this place developed to what it is today as very few staff can say the same.  God was in the midst and the Grace of God has kept me.”

Probably seen as an historian of this institution, she was recognized at the recent PEP Award held at the Hilton Hotel, Nassau on June 19, 2012, receiving a Diamond Award. “I love being acknowledged and rewarded after such long service.  The love of the job and being active kept me going all this time, and to give such dedicated and loyal service.  I am proud to say that I had the opportunity to see lots of changes in the structure and many additions to the staff but most of all the new technology we have nowadays.  We now live in a digital age, I’ve learn to adapt to the change especially using the internet.  I love to work and being able to be a valuable contributor was worth it all.”  

As an outspoken and frank individual she stated that at times she felt like a doormat, which is a bit harsh, but overcame such challenge because she knew she had a job to do and did it to best of her ability and will continue to do so until the time comes for her to retire.

“I really enjoyed and miss the days when we celebrated with parties and camaraderie but this has now dwindled to nil. I personally believe that this was good motivation to the staff.  Although the culture has changed, we need to get back to that.”

The opportunity to work in a few departments intrigued her to wanting to learn more and contribute more to her career.  

This coming August 2012 will mark another milestone in her work career, and Ms. Frazier-Williams wants to be remembered as a free-spirited and outgoing individual, who ably performs her duties, works well as a team player and self motivated, but danced to the many tunes that came her way.

God’s willing she promises that she will remain a familiar face to her colleagues and customers alike as she has no plans to close the book on her career just yet, but give all the thanks and praises to God for opening these doors to her life.

Ms. Frazier-Williams is the proud mother of three (3) children and sixteen (16) grandchildren.  She’s also a Shop Steward of the Bahamas Public Services Union and a member of Jubilee Cathedral on Settler’s Way, Freeport, Grand Bahama.