Customer Service and Support

Patient Relations Services

 “Our Patient is the reason we are here.”
It is our unspoken goal to exceed your expectations.

What is Patient Relations Services?

Patient Relations Services is a liaison service with supportive links between the patient, family and all components of the hospital.  The services focus on the holistic care of patients and their relatives, assisting them to receive quality health care during their outpatient or inpatient contact with the hospital.

The Patient Representative

The Patient Representative is a professional trained in the skills of public relations and interpersonal skills with problem-solving acumen.  This professional is oft times also a Nurse or other healthcare professional and this enhances their scope of abilities to perform in this profession.

Personal Attributes

  • Must love working with people
  • Kind, friendly, sympathetic and compassionate
  • Extremely tolerant and patient
  • Quick-thinking and responsive
  • Analytical, persuasive
  • Capable of adjusting rapidly to changing situation

Duties of the Patient Representative

  • Promotes the enhancement of the hospital/facility’s public image
  • Assists patients, their families and visitors (including tourists) where possible, to have a pleasant experience in their contact with the hospital
  • Investigates patients’ and/or families’ complaints and concerns, providing timely feedback
  • Does patient satisfaction surveys and uses these results to improve the services.
  • Provides the patients and their families with information on relevant hospital’s policies, procedures, and location of diagnostic and other hospital facilities
  • Assists where necessary, with all types of arrangements for patients, here and throughout the Family of Islands within The Bahamas.

Patient Relations Services:

  • The Patient’s Friend
  • The Patient’s Voice
  • Ensuring the rights,
  • Responsibilities, and
  • Satisfaction of The Patient And Family