The Geratrics Department seeks to enhance the optimum level of health to all senior citizens in Grand Bahama and the surrounding cays.


A multidisciplinary team working together to promote and maintain a healthy aging population.

Guiding Principal/Core Values

The team seeks to provide quality, comprehensive service/care to all clients and significant others, regardless of race, socioeconomic status and religious beliefs in a therapeutic environment; and ensuring that the clients maintain dignity and independence.


  • To maintain a sustainable Geriatrics programme.
  • To ensure that health care providers are kept abreast of new information regarding elderly care.
  • To educate clients and significant others of healthy lifestyles and the disease process.
  • To provide quality preventative and curative care to/for the elderly persons.
  • To create and maintain a safe environment conducive to the health of older persons.
  • To provide prompt follow-up visits to clients upon discharge from hospital.
  • To organize and participate in health seminars.

Scope of Services

  1. To conduct Geriatrics Clinics in all public health facilities, including the satellite clinics in Grand Bahama:
    • West End Clinic:  Every first Thursday in the month
    • Eight Mile Rock Clinic:  Every Friday
    • Hawksbill Clinic:  Every Monday
    • High Rock Clinic:  Every second Thursday in the month
    • Pelican Point Clinic:  Every first Tuesday in the month
    • McLean’s Town Clinic:  Every first Tuesday in the month
    • Sweetings Cay Clinic:  Every three months
    • Grand Cay Clinic:  Twice per year
  2. To conduct domiciliary visits to/in various elderly care facilities monthly or more frequent if needed.
  3. To conduct domiciliary visits in private homes as often as needed.
  4. To perform head-to-toe assessments on all new clients and subsequent assessments as needed.
  5. To assist the Doctor during his/her domiciliary visits.
  6. To draw bloods from home bound clients.
  7. To ensure that clients have medications refilled in a timely manner.
  8. To administer yearly influenza vaccines to all home bound clients.
  9. To educate clients and significant others regarding disease process.
  10. To refer clients to appropriate agencies for assistance.
  11. To perform hearing tests on clients needing referral to ENT Specialist.
  12. Assist with nursing care in other areas in the Grand Bahama Health Services.
  13. Prepare list of clients for Hurricane Special Needs Shelter.
  14. To ensure that Special Needs Shelter clients are transported to designated shelter in a timely and safe manner.