Food Handler's Clinic

The purpose of Food Handlers training is to instruct participants in food safety from preparation to serving.

Food Safety Training is available to the general public for persons who handle food and beverages, including food vendors, restaurants employees, hoteliers, supermarkets, convenience stores, culinary arts students, persons preparing and serving food for cookouts, homemakers, etc.

The Food Safety Training covers the Food Safety challenge, the flow of food through the operation, sanitary facilities and pest management and food safety regulation, and employee training.


  1. Participants call Hawksbill Clinic at (242) 350-6700 Ext. 2400 to register for Food Handlers training classes held at the Rand Memorial Hospital on Tuesdays; or call Eight Mile Rock Clinic at (242) 350-6700 Ext. 2600 to register for classes held at Eight Mile Rock Clinic on Thursdays.
  2. On the day of class, participants are required to bring along a Government issued photo identification such as Passport or Driver’s License.
  3. Registration fee is $10.00 and is payable at the time of registration prior to the beginning of the class.
  4. Duration of the weekly sessions is four hours.  This includes registration, teaching time, and being seen by a Doctor after the class.
  5. The Doctor issues a Health Certificate, which is valid for one year.
  6. Classes are conducted by ServSafe Certified Trainers.  Certification is granted after the Trainers would have successfully completed a one week training on Food Safety.  The Food Safety Training is conducted by a Certified ServSafe Instructor of the National Restaurant Association (of America).
  7. Certification of the Trainers is valid for five years.
Food Handlers Training is coordinated in conjunction with The Bahamas Government Ministry of Health (Public Health Department).