District Nursing Services (Home Health/Domiciliary Care)

District Nursing Services seeks to provide health education and promote self-care to clients, families and the community at large through home visits and effective nursing interventions.

All clients referred to District Nursing Services will be guaranteed the opportunity to achieve a high standard of health care.


  1. To provide health services to individuals and families in their places of residence for the purpose of promoting, maintaining or restoring health, while maximizing their level of independence, and minimizing the effects of disability and illness.
  2. To provide a timely and comprehensive range of high quality community nursing and home care which are accessible, appropriate and sensitive to the needs of the population of Grand Bahama.

Scope of Services
Home visits to post hospital clients requiring home care such as:

  • Dressings/wound care
  • Naso-gastric feeds
  • Foley catheter care
  • Colostomy care
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Activities of daily living such as baths
  • Newly discovered Diabetics
  • Insulin administration
  • Patient education
  • Teaching client and family to give treatment and medications as ordered
  • Referrals to support systems
  • Hospital liaison/rounds daily

Note:  Home visits must be made within 24 – 72 hours of receiving the referral.  The referrals can come from public and private sources.