Disease Surveillance

Surveillance is the routine collection, analysis and dissemination of data.  This data is used in the prevention and control of a public health problem.  As The Bahamas has become part of a global village with Tourism being the number one industry, it is necessary to maintain an efficient and effective surveillance system.

The scope of services spans the entire island of Grand Bahama including Sweetings Cay and Grand Cay, Abaco.  Services are provided for HIV/AIDS, TB and clients with Sexually Transmitted infectious cases.  All other communicable diseases are also investigated and reported.  The Disease Surveillance team continues to give the most comprehensive service to all its clients.


Through collaboration with other health units and agencies we will maintain the health of the population in Grand Bahama by obtaining and disseminating the most current information on infectious diseases through surveillance, investigation and health promotion.


  • A Communicable Disease Epidemiology programme that is grounded in a strong tradition of patient focused care extending underlying values of respect, integrity and excellence.
  • The main objective in the strategic plan for communicable disease is to reduce the morbidity and mortality due to communicable disease and environment related disorders.


To ensure the specific nursing standards and practices are maintained through ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

Scope of Services

  1. Home visits to HIV Defaulters, DOTS, and clients with communicable diseases.
  2. Testing of clients for HIV, Hepatitis B and VDRL, CD4, and Viral Load.
  3. Supply medication to clients as needed.
  4. Weekly submission of reports to the Disease Surveillance Department in Nassau to report all communicable diseases seen in Grand Bahama.
  5. Contact tracing of clients suspected of having a communicable disease.
  6. Mantoux vaccination of suspected TB patients/contacts.
  7. Report all communicable diseases to CAREC.
  8. Public education.
  9. Response to outbreaks – news campaigns.
  10. Counselling of clients/families.