Mission and Vision

Our Mission
To provide quality care to all patients in an efficient and cost effective manner, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Motto
“Our Patient is the reason we are here.”

Our Goals and Objectives
  • Health care practiced in an holistic manner inclusive of the patient and family
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Safe and desirable environments for patients, guests and employees
  • Efficient use of supplies, materials and services in maximizing quality care
  • Continuous assessment of services
  • Continuous assessment of the health needs of Grand Bahama and its associated communities
Values and Guiding Principles
These objectives can only be accomplished if all staff exhibit the willingness and desire to do the best possible job we know how to do.  There is no greater reward or self-satisfaction than knowing that we have put forth our best efforts to provide quality patient care and services.

Our Flag



Blue denotes calming, tranquillity, exhilaration and an indication of truth.
White denotes purity (hygiene, accuracy, prosperity and good health), warmth, serenity, stability, trustworthiness and empowerment.

Each stripe represents the entities of the Grand Bahama Health Services:  the large stripe in the middle is the Rand Memorial Hospital and the remaining stripes are the ten (10) Community Health Clinics on Grand Bahama Island, Sweetings Cay, Water Cay, and Grand Cay, Abaco.

Each entity of Grand Bahama Health Services in synergy to move the Institution forward to limitless possibilities for optimal quality health care for all in the northern Bahamas.

Our Song

We’re Here For You

1.  The patient is the reason we’re here
     We feel privileged to serve
     From the cradle to the grave
     We’re here for you!

2.  Twenty-four hours each day
     We provide compassionate care
     Through collaboration and teamwork
     We’re here for you!

3.  We value trust and respect
     Equity and quality
     And integrity is a must
     As we care for you!

     We’re here for you
     We’re here for you
     We’re working in God’s vineyard
     And we enjoy what we do!

We’re working in God’s vineyard
And we’re here for you!

Our P R O M I S E S
Our Promises are the fundamental values of Grand Bahama Health Services’ employees to foster working together to provide best quality health care for our patients who are the reason we are here.

To my fellow Co-workers
I will…

  • Develop a positive attitude
  • Be optimistic and enthusiastic
  • Go the extra mile to assist you
  • Value and acknowledge your contributions
  • Be empathetic and compassionate to your concerns
  • Listen, understand and communicate effectively
  • Recognize and applaud your accomplishments
  • Be courteous and respect you at all times

 To our Clients
We will…

  • Provide the best quality health care to our patients
  • Anticipate patients’ needs before requests are made
  • Ensure desirable environments for our patients, guests, and employees
  • Promote a positive image of our institution/organization
  • Be professional

 Eleven Commitments to our Patients

  1. We are committed to treat you with dignity, respect, and compassion
  2. We are committed to provide fair, considerate and respectful care at all times
  3. We are committed to inform you of who is providing your medical services and who is responsible for your care
  4. We are committed to respect your role in decision making about treatment choices and other care, as well as inform you about your diagnosis, planned course of treatment, and associated risks in an understandable fashion
  5. We are committed to provide a safe and desirable environment
  6. We are committed to anticipate your health care needs and provide reasonable continuity of care
  7. We are committed to provide you with accurate and timely information
  8. We are committed to provide you easy and hassle-free access to services
  9. We are committed to provide good quality care and high professional standards that are continuously maintained and reviewed
  10. We are committed to keep in strictest confidence all information entrusted to us. Your Medical Records will not be made available to anyone unless YOU OR THE PERSON AUTHORIZED BY YOU have given written permission
  11. We are committed to not allow a complaint from a patient affect the quality of care given