Ross University Medical School

About Ross University

Welcome to Ross University School of Medicine and School of Veterinary Medicine. Ross University is one of the largest and most successful Caribbean medical schools in the world – and remains one of the great secrets in allopathic and veterinary medical education.

At Ross University School of Medicine and School of Veterinary Medicine, our highest priority is providing students with a medical education of the highest quality. We are committed to delivering an exceptional academic and clinical experience to our students, which will establish the foundation for their success in their chosen field.

Rigorous Curricula

Since opening in 1978, Ross University has been successfully providing students with rigorous curricula that mirror the education of our US peers.
Faculty at our medical schools are selected not only for their outstanding professional credentials, but also for their strong commitment to teaching.This student-centered approach gives aspiring physicians and veterinarians virtually unmitigated access to an extraordinary faculty who are dedicated to their success.

Critical Shortage of Physicians and Veterinarians

With the serious threat posed by a looming physician and veterinarian shortage, Ross University’s mission of preparing highly trained MDs and DVMs has never been so critical. According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, there will be a shortage of approximately 55,000 physicians in the US by 2020. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be more than 28,000 openings for veterinarians by 2012, according to US Senator Wayne Allard of Colorado, who is also a veterinarian.

Caribbean Medical Schools

Ross University's medical school campus is in Dominica and has clinical education sites in Miami, FL and Saginaw, MI. The veterinary school campus is in St. Kitts, and is affiliated 22 US veterinary schools where students complete their clinical year.